Dr. Herng-Yow Chen


I am a teacher and a learner; I enjoy being both.  Recently I read an interesting book about teaching and learning, by John Wooden, and it’s about his teaching principle—You haven’t taught until they have learned.  And I like his idea very much.  I like to share with students my learning experiences when I teach: what worked for me, what didn’t and why, how I hit the plateau and overcame it. I feel very happy when I find them gain their confidence and start to move up.

Courses (2014)



Music Processing

Computer-Assisted Music Learning

Language Processing

Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

Online Chinese Learning

Web and Multimedia Apps

Multimedia Synchronization

Speech Text Alignment

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What’s my name?

Rhett Chen, 陳恆佑

How old am I?

40+~50 (not too old)

My profession?


Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chi-Nan University

Reach me?

office:R401, Technology Building III





My Learning

To be a good teacher?

Since 1996, teaching Web, Multimedia, Music, English, Chinese.

To be a good father?

Since 2001

What am I learning?

Violin, Cello, Guitar, Piano, Writing, Music, Neuroscience, Learning technology

What sports do I like?

Jogging and listening to music in the morning


When I teach and learn ...